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ICE WIRE PRODUCTSCustomer solutions To help built the wire industry

To bring to life the distinct capital items we conceptualize, design, engineer, manufacture, install, commission, and service, each project undergoes meticulous planning and execution.
Our commitment to integrating the latest technology and expertise is evident in every endeavor, fueled by our ongoing dedication to aggressive research and development within the realm of I.C.E. Wire Line Equipment.

ICE WIREIndustry Products

01Austenitizing Furnace

  • Hi Carbon Wire Production
  • Clean operation in excess of 1050C (1950F)
  • Precise Temperature Control throughout furnace
  • Nozzle mix burners for greater control and safety
  • High velocity-turbulent flow burners for Furnace Uniformity

02Fluid Bed Furnace

  • Annealing-Quenching-Diffusion
  • Safe distribution of combustion gases
  • Ideal Fluidizing Uniformity offers controlled heat treatment
  • Nozzle mix burners for greater control and safety
  • ± 2C temperature control throughout the furnace

03Fumeless Acid Wave Pickle

  • Eliminates all acid fume concerns
  • New and efficient dual tank system
  • Greater cleaning effectiveness and efficiency
  • Faster wire speeds
  • Longer period between tank cleanings

04Galvanizing Furnace

  • Ceramic lined furnaces for complete reliability
  • Top Fired & Immersion Burner heating
  • Highly durable Ceramic Sinkers
  • Individual burner control for maximum reliability
  • Ceramic Sinkers
  • Light and Heavy Galvanized Coating

05Wiping Systems

  • Inclined Pad Wiping Systems
  • Inclined Pad Wipe
  • Inclined Wax Coating
  • Vertical Pad Wiping Systems
  • Structural Tower with Quench/Wax Tank
  • Vertical Pad Wipe
  • Charcoal Wipe
  • Gas Gravel Wipe
  • EMW (Electro-Magnetic Wiping System)
  • Nitrogen Wiping System

06I.C.E. Wire Line Equipment delivers

  • Hi Carbon Patenting Lines
  • Low Carbon Annealing Lines
  • Fumeless Acid Wave Pickle
  • Immersion Burner, Top Fired Galvanizer and Galfan Systems
  • Turn key installations
  • 50 years serving the wire industry

WHY ICE WIREHelping to build the wire industry

We have earned this position through effort and we will maintain this position through reliable equipment and service, offered to our worldwide customer base.
The I.C.E. Wire Line is committed to the principle that each new contract and order must prove and develop our reputation as a reliable supplier of capital equipment to the wire production industry. From our manufacturing team through the engineers to the Company’s management, our entire staff is determined to offer quality in every aspect of our business.